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I LOVE to read! I read almost a book a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. I'm hoping to connect with fellow book junkies, as well as authors (who also tend to be fellow book junkies). :-) I also am hoping to connect my blog readers with other bloggers. There are some fabulous book blogs out there!

Getting the next book right away!

Friends vs. Family - C.L. Stone
01/01     30.0% "I can't stop reading these books! The suspsense is KILLING me!"
01/01     40.0% "OMG!I wish I could have been there to watch that shopping trip to Victoria's Secret! Hilarious!"
01/01     56.0% "I want in on their video game night!! They have so much fun together!"
01/01     74.0% "I'm CRYING!!! They are the sweetest, most wonderful boys ever!"